Ponderings From A Wannabe Fatropolitan
Tracey L. Thompson, Writer
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Ponderings From A Wannabe Fatropolitan

A Glimpse Into The Men's Locker Room

by Tracey L Thompson on 12/20/13

I had an interesting experience last night at our local Aquatic Center. Apparently, they had to do some sort of repairs in the Women’s locker room so just for one day, the locker rooms were switched. So I proceeded to enter the Men’s locker room; something I’ve never done before. It couldn’t possibly be that different, besides the urinals in the bathroom. Then, I turned a corner and was horrified to see it…the shower room. No private shower stalls, no curtains, no privacy.

“I’ll just shower at home,” I told myself, “no Woman will shower in there,” I reasoned. I got in the pool and asked my husband, “So you guys just shower all together, looking at each other naked?”
He said, “Yeah, we walked past the showers several times in the Women’s locker room, looking for them; it was funny. Then we were like, curtains and private stalls? Wow!”

I was amazed, flabbergasted even. Men don’t need privacy? I let it go, for the moment. After my swim, I walked back into the Men’s locker room thinking I would just rinse off. As I entered the shower room, I was amazed to find a Woman from a Middle Eastern country and an Asian Woman, both naked and showering, minding their own business. I looked around. No one was staring. There were two little girls changing on a bench. After a few moments of contemplation, I got brave and dropped my suit…and showered, there amongst the other Women. I was amazed that no one screamed, no alarms went off, no one pointed at me like in the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers forcing me to put my clothes back on. And the little girls who were changing? They didn’t giggle or run from the room screaming to their mothers for safety from the fat woman, either. It was very uneventful.

Then I got to thinking. Is it because the other Women showering were not of American descent? It just didn’t seem “normal” for Women to voluntarily take their clothes off in front of each other. Is it just American Women who don’t want to see each other naked? It wasn’t until I got home that the difference in the two locker rooms really dawned on me: Our society not only condones, but encourages us (Women) to be ashamed of our own bodies. How sad.

Mike & Molly

by Tracey L Thompson on 11/14/12

Approximately 2+ years ago, a new show debuted on CBS, and currently airs on Mondays at 9:30pm. When it first started there was alot of controversy about two fat actors in leading rolls in a television show (http://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/dating-blog/overweight-couples-on-television). Well, the show has been a success, and I have to admit that I watch it. It would probably be more accurate to say that I have a love/hate relationship with the show. I love it and continue to watch it because on what other show can us hearty-folk see people who look like us, leading normal lives, loving each other, laughing, having careers and deep meaningful friendships, and dealing with hilarious dysfunctional relatives? What I dislike about it is the almost constant barrage of fat jokes. It's sad that we have to tolerate so many jokes at our expense just to be able to see actors that represent our population on television. And I feel bad that this is the only venue where people of size are represented in such a “normal” light. I have really had to have a discussion with myself about this, because the show is downright funny. Mike’s mother is a hilarious blend of guilt trips and one-liners, Molly’s mother is a much too skinny lush with a sordid past, and Carl’s grandmother (who is also a large lady) is an active member of her church, and sexually active. But the one constant on the show, is Mike and Molly’s love for one another, and their ability to not allow the fat jokes, or society get to them. I do fantasize about Mike and Molly eventually getting to the point where they stop attending their Overeaters Annoymous meetings and accept themselves as fat people…(and start getting into intuitive eating and swear off diets forever). Their characters just got married at the end of last season and this season they are actively trying to get pregnant. How’s that for normal?

The Journey to Fatropolis

by Tracey L Thompson on 10/28/12

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website. It was such a thrill for me to hold a copy of my book for the first time! It has been four years in the making. I had a vision of the world of the Hearty Folk back in 1999, and quickly jotted down 2 pages of notes. I did nothing about that vision for nearly 10 years. In November of 2008 I began writing, and finished within 10 to 11 months. Then I began the editing process, which continued until it was published, just recently. I am so thankful and grateful to Dr. Peggy Elam, owner of Pearlsong Press for agreeing to publish my novel. I hope you all enjoy Jenny Crandell's journey to self esteem.


by Tracey L Thompson on 10/27/12

Welcome to my new website. My book Fatropolis just showed up on Amazon.com and Barnes&noble.com just this last week. I'm very excited! Thank you for visiting my site. Tracey L. Thompson